Store, query and share clinical and demographic information data, in a single, simple to use, and standard-based platform.

Do you start from scratch on every new clinical application?

  • Simplify projects and save time
  • Focus on you app features not on how data will be stored
  • Develop applications faster with less debugging
  • Support any data structure without changing database schemas or code

Atomik provides a standardized data platform, allowing you to build high-quality applications quickly and efficiently. With our user-friendly interface and powerful tools, you'll be able to focus on creating innovative healthcare solutions, without worrying about the complexities of data management.

Backend / Server

openEHR Toolkit

🚀 We made working with openEHR fun again!

Need one place to manage your openEHR resources and a bunch of useful tools?

  • Manage archetypes, templates, form and data instances
  • Generate examples from openEHR templates
  • Compare different versions of templates
  • Generate HTML forms from templates
  • REST API to access your resources remotely

The openEHR Toolkit provides all you need to simplify your workflows while working with openEHR artifacts like archetypes, templates and data. You can use it as your external repository for openEHR artifacts, which includes a set of useful tools and services for your convenience.


🤖 NoRA

No-code automation app for interacting with openEHR servers.

Simple tool for interacting with openEHR servers and load custom data based on workflows defined by you. Just point and click, no code is required!

  • Create different workflows to interact with openEHR servers
  • Execute workflow definitions in real time
  • Flexible configuration for server authentication
  • Save, manage and share your workflow definitions

NoRA is a perfect app to learn about the openEHR REST API. Load specific data in your openEHR server for testing, verification and quality assurance. The advantage is that NoRA doesn't require any programming. Workflows are defined by very intuitive point-and-click interactions, and can executed immediately.


Open Source


First open-source implementation of a full Cilnical Data Repository following the openEHR specifications. Multi-tenant, cluster ready, secure, integrated with SNOMED-CT.

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Bootstrap EMR

Bootstrap template for building Electronic Medical Record applications.

Soon... Tools

All-in-one library that includes Reference Model and Template Model implementations, JSON an XML parsers and serializers, template validation, data generation and validation, and more. Written in Groovy and compiles to the JVM, so it's compatible with Java and other JVM languages.

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openEHR REST Client

Client written in Groovy for the openEHR REST API. It compiles to the JVM so it can be used with any Java, Groovy or any other programming language that compiles to the JVM.

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openEHR Conformance Verification

Design and implementation of the openEHR Conformance Verification Framework, designed to verify if a system complies or not with the openEHR specifications and in which grade. Results allow to evaluate and improve existing implementations, and compare levels of conformance between different openEHR systems of the same kind (Clinical Data Repositories, Archetype Managers, etc).

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PHP library to write and run automated tests that produce beautiful testing reports. Debug faster with Debbie.

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DICOM Broker

Small application that allows to query and retrieve over multiple PACS, visualize images on the web, and create DICOM Structure Reports via HL7 v2.x on compliant PACS like DCM4CHEE.

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Seamless PHP library that implements Object Relational Mapping with MySQL. It's intruitive API allows to define, validate, store, query and retrieve PHP objects from a relational database with ease.

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DICOM Waveform

Transforms custom raw ECG data from a wearable device into a binary DICOM ECG object.

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We apply our experience to your next project!

Flexibility is key for us, we can adapt to your needs.

Prototyping / Proof of Concept / MVP

Do you have a product idea related to clinical records or health information interchange? We can create prototypes, experiment alternatives, do proof of concept and create minimum viable products.

Custom development

We can do the full cycle, software design, functional analysis, API design, database design, use cases or user stories, development, testing, QA, delivery, implementation, maintenance, support and training. Focused on open source tools that can help building any kind of app.

Adaptation of our tools to your needs

Do you want to use any of our applications and tools but you need to add o change something? No problem! We offer customization services, whitelabeling and rebranding deals. Let us know what you need!

Tools we use

We use a wide set of tools and we are happy to learn and use new ones.

Our approach to health information systems architecture

Based on 18+ years of working in the field, we believe the best approach available today for health information systems architecture is the Microservices Architecture in combination with an Open Platform approach.

Some characteristics of this specific approach are:

  • Enables interoperability
  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • High availability
  • Standardized data and services
  • Better scaling
  • Lower coupling between components
  • Simpler maintenance and change management
  • Component interchangeability
  • Specialization of team members
  • Better documentation
  • Avoids vendor lock-in
  • More independence from technology
  • Not focused on software, focus on services and contracts
  • It's a SOA!

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