🤖 NoRA

No-code automation app for interacting with openEHR servers.

Simple tool for interacting with openEHR servers and load custom data based on workflows defined by you. Just point and click, no code is required!

  • Create different workflows to interact with openEHR servers
  • Execute workflow definitions in real time
  • Flexible configuration for server authentication
  • Save, manage and share your workflow definitions

NoRA is a perfect app to learn about the openEHR REST API. Load specific data in your openEHR server for testing, verification and quality assurance. The advantage is that NoRA doesn't require any programming. Workflows are defined by very intuitive point-and-click interactions, and can executed immediately.

What's NoRA?

NoRA started as an experiment to validate an idea: it was possible to simplify human interactions with the openEHR REST API.

The openEHR REST API offers services to interact and manage patient Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and clinical documents, that comply with the openEHR standard.

By using NoRA you can define a workflow like "create EHR, then add a document of type Encounter, then ...". Workflows are defined by the user in just a few clicks, then NoRA can execute those workflows against an implementation of the openEHR REST API.

The first phase of NoRA is focused on sending information to an openEHR Clinical Data Repository (like Atomik). The second phase would add reading capabilities. That will depend on the traction we get with this new tool.

Demo (pre-beta)

Demo with Atomik

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NoRA is a free to use desktop tool.


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