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Data mapping

Integration projects always require some kind of data mapping. Some integrations are focused on the interchange of messages in real time, other are focused centralizing data from many disparate repositories, and others might be focused on exporting data for analysis, this is the case of an ETL process to load a datawarehouse.

On all types of integration, the data mapping process requires most of the integration effort. We are experts on this area, analyzing underlying models, creating conceptual mappings (we map concepts before data), we design the data mapping with the transformation rules that should apply to each data point and data structrue. We offer a well documented outcome, then you decide if you want your team to implement the mappings, or we can also implement them. This implies developing some software component where all the mapping rules are implemented and tested, so we can deliver the full documentation and a working data mapper.

Data migration

Generally data migration happens because there is a data centralization need, or there is a tehcnology switch. On both scenarios data should be mapped from each data source, with a specific data model, and the centralized or new data store, that has a different data model.

We are experts on analyzing data sources, specify their models if there is no documentation available (sadly this happens a lot), analyze the data destination model, create concept mappings (before data mappings), all the mapping rules and transformations needed, enrich and integrate data in temporal intermediate data sources, then design the whole load process. We can deliver the design documentation so your team can implement it, or we can do the implementation for you. After the load is done, we offer an audit service, focused on evaluating the quality of the data on the new repository, and verify that no data was lost in the process (another common issue).

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