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Error installing EHRServer: Could not determine java version from '11.0.8'

I have a problem installing EHRServer on my machine.
After install prerequisites (JDK 11.0.8, MySQL, Grails), I run `grails run-app`. Grails shows this message: `Error initializing classpath: Could not determine java version from '11.0.8'.`

Here is the stacktrace:
 Error Error initializing classpath: Could not determine java version from '11.0.8'. (NOTE: Stack trace has been filtered. Use --verbose to see entire trace.)
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not determine java version from '11.0.8'.
at org.gradle.api.JavaVersion.toVersion(
at org.gradle.api.JavaVersion.current(
at org.gradle.internal.jvm.UnsupportedJavaRuntimeException.assertUsingVersion(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.provider.DefaultConnection.configure(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.connection.AbstractPost12ConsumerConnection.configure(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.loader.DefaultToolingImplementationLoader.createConnection(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.loader.DefaultToolingImplementationLoader.create(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.loader.CachingToolingImplementationLoader.create(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.loader.SynchronizedToolingImplementationLoader.create(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.connection.LazyConsumerActionExecutor.onStartAction(
at org.gradle.tooling.internal.consumer.async.DefaultAsyncConsumerActionExecutor$1$
at org.gradle.internal.concurrent.ExecutorPolicy$CatchAndRecordFailures.onExecute(
at org.gradle.internal.concurrent.ManagedExecutorImpl$
at org.gradle.internal.concurrent.ThreadFactoryImpl$
| Error Error initializing classpath: Could not determine java version from '11.0.8'.

System details:
OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
`openjdk version "11.0.8" 2020-07-14
OpenJDK Runtime Environment (build 11.0.8+10-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu120.04)
OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM (build 11.0.8+10-post-Ubuntu-0ubuntu120.04, mixed mode, sharing)
Grails :
| Grails Version: 4.0.4
| JVM Version: 11.0.8

Please help me fix this problem. Thank you.
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