EHRServer v1.5 was released!

Posted by Pablo Pazos Gutierrez on July 14, 2019, 9:03 pm

This new version of the EHRServer is a very special version

This version is special because marks the end of an era and the begining of a new one. After this version, the 1.x branch will be just for maintenance, and we will focus on the new v2.x branch, starting from a migration of all the base technology, to get rid of some legacy dependencies we have, and update our beloved EHRServer to be ready for more current technologies and platforms.

The main maintenance branch for v1.x will be and the master branch will keep up with the v2.x releases.

EHRServer is the Open Platform for Managing and Sharing Clinical Data compliant with the openEHR standard, and allows to use SNOMED CT expressions to query clinical data.

EHRServer is the first open source Clinical Data Repository compliant with openEHR. From its beginnings in 2013 as a proof of concept, it has became a robust and flexible open source product, which we also provide in the cloud as a service.

Know more about CloudEHRServer.

If you need a standardized clinical data repository for your next health app project, try EHRServer, for fast prototyping and get a robust and standardized information platform underneath.

BTW, next month we will have an EHRServer Workshop Online, check our education page for more details.


About EHRServer v1.5

On this version we added a lot of small fixes, improvements and new features to make the EHRServer better and simpler to use. Most of the changes for v1.5 were added on our Query Builder component. And this is the release page for v1.5 on GitHub.

On the next version v2.0 we will update from Grails 2.5.6 to Grails 3.3.10, also the MySQL database connector to support 8.x, and the GUI libraries that support the EHRSerer Management Web Console (Bootstrap, jQuery, SB Admin 2, Highcharts, FontAwesome, etc.).


Why this refactor now? (a personal note)

This has been on my personal TODO list for a long time. Main reason this didn't happen before was time and money. Basically 2018 wasn't good for business and I needed to put all my attention con networking and marketing to be able to get more projects. Now work is stable, we have some great customers with awesome projects and with the goal of having long work relationships, and that gives me the peace of mind I need to dedicate two or three weeks into this huge refactor. Also we have some solid leads for companies that want to adopt EHRServer as their main Clinical Data Repository, and this refactor could help them doing that, and us on simplifying support and avoid dependencies on unmaintained legacy components.


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